Psychotherapy for Today's World


Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Accepting ourselves, putting our personal best out there, and understanding our own personality are legitimate pursuits that make for healthy relationships all around.

We live in a world where there are constant suggestions about how to improve our physical and mental health. From exercise to nutrition to meditation to taking a course, psychotherapy too, is a valuable tool. Today's client is anyone. We are the product of so many variables: culture, class, gender, race, position in the family, tragic circumstances. The list goes on. It is impossible to expect that our lives will be free of challenges and rough patches. If the old strategies of dealing with difficult circumstances are not working as well as they used to, and troubling thoughts and feelings can no longer be ignored, it may be time to look beneath the surface at what's going on. 

The Stress of Living in the city of Toronto

Surely the pressures of the 21st century and living in a big city like Toronto will try even the most resilient among us. The rates of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, negative thoughts, feeling out of control, troubled relationships either personal or on the job, etc., indicate that many of us are struggling and feel isolated, though we still manage to function whether we are in school, or in the workplace, as parents or with partners, with friends, in the community etc.  

Having the benefit of another "ear"

We do benefit from the participation of a supportive listener who is a trained professional. I work cooperatively with you so that together we can make sense of your situation and discover possibilities where before there was a feeling of hopelessness. Becoming aware of one's patterns, what one thinks of, and why one thinks that way, are the cornerstones of making change. As creatures of habit, the idea that there are other ways to achieve results is not obvious. In therapy, these other options present themselves.

What to expect in sessions

Clients will find in our psychotherapy sessions that they can explore and disclose feelings of distress in ways that they cannot with loved ones and friends. These deep-seated feelings need a safe place for airing. Though friends and family may mean well, sometimes a fear of burdening or worrying them, diminishes the effect of what we truly want and need to say. There's no doubt that taking time for yourself to look at your life is an important step in self-care and lays the foundation for self-improvement and fulfillment. 

There's no charge for the first session

You are welcome to make an appointment for a first session to get a sense of what the therapy process is all about or email me with an inquiry. 
My email address is or you can call me at 416.963.5565 to leave a confidential voice message. My office is conveniently located in midtown Toronto at St. Clair and Avenue Rd.