Relational Psychotherapy is about becoming aware of old patterns we repeat that are not working, whether it's about ourselves or our relationships with others, and then making necessary changes.

The fact is, we are always "in relation" to someone, and we are affected negatively or positively by that exchange.  Hence the emphasis on the word: relational.

Emotional distress is often rooted in relationships past and present, which have the power to demean and deflate the self often presenting as a kind of "stuckness." You will find our therapeutic relationship to be supportive, strengthening, and enlivening, focusing its efforts on enhancing your sense of self and both your personal and professional relationships.

What we as people hope to achieve and how we contribute are also important considerations. I will work with you in a coaching capacity if your concerns are about career choices and/or issues in the work place.   

The other powerful relationship we have is with ourselves, how we feel about ourselves, and treat ourselves. Once again, as a relational psychotherapst, I can work with you to manage your symptoms, and choose more conscious ways of moving about in the world, that benefit rather than harm.

Finally, thoughts about one's purpose in life can also be troubling. Ultimately, we hope for fulfillment and efficacy, and in therapy, these concerns can be addressed in an effort to strengthen one's resolve and stimulate one's creativity.